Friday, September 20, 2013

Bronco Baby 9 months

McCall is 9 months today. He is pulling himself up and standing at the couch now. He just stared walking along the couch while holding onto the couch. He is so anxious ti go go go!! 
He just learned how to wave bye-bye when he goes to bed and when Monte and the girls leave in the morning. One of my favorite things he does right now is when he is excited is he breaths in and out through his nose and has mischievous eyes like in the first picture.
He love Maggie puppy, the kitty, and the horses. When he sees them he does his nose breathing thing and kicks his legs and waves his hands and tries to grab their face :) 
Here are the many faces of our little Bronco on game day:

My mom bought him these cute BSU pacifiers :) 

He is so excited about life! I love his happy spirit. 

And here is his cute sister friend  :)

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