Friday, September 20, 2013

Bronco Baby 9 months

McCall is 9 months today. He is pulling himself up and standing at the couch now. He just stared walking along the couch while holding onto the couch. He is so anxious ti go go go!! 
He just learned how to wave bye-bye when he goes to bed and when Monte and the girls leave in the morning. One of my favorite things he does right now is when he is excited is he breaths in and out through his nose and has mischievous eyes like in the first picture.
He love Maggie puppy, the kitty, and the horses. When he sees them he does his nose breathing thing and kicks his legs and waves his hands and tries to grab their face :) 
Here are the many faces of our little Bronco on game day:

My mom bought him these cute BSU pacifiers :) 

He is so excited about life! I love his happy spirit. 

And here is his cute sister friend  :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's Visit 2013

On Saturday morning we went to the Old Settlers Day Parade in Mulvane and then that evening we went to the rodeo. Mindy did mutton busting and did really great. She had to hold on to the sheep this time instead of using a rope. She said it was harder to hold on, but she did awesome and stayed on for almost 6 seconds. Mom and Dad said they had not been to a rodeo since mom was expecting Monte (30 years!!) Mindy and Makayla each got a $2 bill for running in the arena with only one shoe with the rest of the kids at the rodeo. 

Sunday evening mom and I went to Sister Porters house and got to make our own glass pennants to put on a chain for a necklace. Sister Porter will put them into her glass oven thing to finish them off for us. She made these cute magnets for Mia. 

Monday we headed over to Yoder, an Amish town just over an hour from where we live. It was fun to go to some of the shops and just be together. After shopping we had "amish" lunch at the Carriage Crossing. Mom and Dad got a taste of fried okra for the first time too. 

We finished off the day by going to the Nifty Nut House in Wichita. 

They left Tuesday morning after we got the kids off to their first day of school. It was so fun to have them here. One of the nights I asked them to tell the kids some stories about growing up. They took just a few minutes to tell some stories and Mom told about joining the church. They were also here Monday night when Monte gave the girls fathers blessings for starting school. He did a great job. I always love seeing Monte give priesthood blessings and I'm sure Mom and Dad loved it too. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First day of school for Makayla

All ready to leave

(Makayla is too scared the cat might get her that she can't look at the camera!)

On the way

Mindy was so excited to start 1st grade!

Makayla by her cubby. When I gave her a hug goodbye her heart was pounding but she didn't cry :)

Mia holding Stripes. We found a turtle just hanging out on the side walk. 

Makayla after her LONG bus ride. 

I was waiting outside for the girls to get off the bus. When it pulled up at 3:45 Mindy was the only one on the bus!!! The bus driver said there was a mix up and Makayla was on another bus. I then got a call from the bus barn saying that Makayla was in mayfield (30 minutes the opposite direction!) and would be home in a little while. The bus barn blamed it in me (saying Makayla didn't have any paperwork) and the school for putting her on the wrong bus. I called the school and they gave me a different story saying she was on the right bus but that one of the bus drivers put her on a different bus. I was so frustrated!!! Mindy told me that she told the bus driver that her sister wasn't on the bus when they were at the school and he just said that they had to leave....Mindy was so worried about her the whole bus ride home. Makayla said when she was on the bus the driver asked her where she lived and she said "I don't know" thank goodness she could tell him her first and last name at least! I thought for sure she would be crying (because I would have been) but she said she didn't cry at school or on the bus :) she finally got home at 4:20 and we were all happy to see her!!

Milk (water for Makayla) and cookies after school

McCall 8 months

McCall with Grandpa and Great Grandpa Waltman

With Daddy at the Mulvane rodeo

With Grandpa at the Edmond Jr Rodeo
(Picture taken by Karen Christensen)
Makayla took this picture of him on our way out to Yoder
He wants to eat his cousin Sofia!

At the Wichita zoo looking at the gorilla through the glass

Busy baby getting into everything! 

New jammies

McCall just started pulling himself up on things. He thinks he is so big!! He loves food and is always hungry! He is happy and always smiles with his big bright blue eyes. 
He is a very busy boy and always aware of what is going on. He just started to get into stuff. I'm sure it's just a glimpse of what's to come!!

Pictures at the Kansas City Temple

Friday, August 16, 2013

I love the sunrise and sunset

I have recently really come to love watching the sun rise and set. I have always liked watching the sunset, so at the beginning if the summer when I started waking up early and watching the sunrise, it really changed my perspective of how I viewed them both.  I'm feel filled with love and gratitude to Heavenly Father for their beauty. It always starts my day off good when I get the opportunity to watch the sunrise, and I love to finish off a long day watching a good sunset. So beautiful. 

This is the sunrise view from my back porch

Beautiful sunset picture I took in the car on the way to Wichita to go to the drive-in

The sun setting after a bad storm. The dark clouds are barely letting the light through. It was such a beautiful orange color outside. 

I took this on Saturday evening at my parents house.  

I just took this picture from mu back porch. I love all the colors from the deep blue to the hot pink sun.